March 8

Grade 8 from India!!

Hi all, Looking forward to an interesting interaction with all of you from around the world. My students are ready with so many questions. They are loving the post and busy blogging on their favorite topics. Lets make the most of this challenge and have fun.


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8 thoughts on “Grade 8 from India!!

  1. tchikwendu

    I am looking forward to reading student posts. The ones I have read so far are interesting, insightful, creative, and funny. I think this challenge will be fun for everyone.
    Ms. C.

  2. Miss W

    G’day Grade 8,
    Glad you are enjoying the challenge. Is each student remembering to include the URL of the post they have written in the correct week’s google form on the challenge blog? I don’t think I have seen any from India except this class one.

  3. bg4400

    Hello i just came in to take a look and it is really unique. It is really good i also like the back ground. And your story is really evicting.

  4. Mrs Barrett

    Hi fellow bloggers,
    We also love blogging and are looking forward to interacting with people from all over the world.
    We like that you are making blog pages about your interests and we look forward to reading these and other posts you create.
    Our blog is Ready, Set Blog. Please leave us a comment.
    Can not wait to here back from you,


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